Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Rebuilding Stolen Hopes (Part 5)
Heroes Among us : The Repair Team

Building temporary shelter for the flood victim in Kg Lulut, Gua Musang

This is one of the most important teams in CAFP as it carried out the primary agenda of this mission. This team is responsible to identify the status of all houses within the vicinity of Kg Lulut that were affected by the flood and assess the damage. They went in before anyone else and left after everyone had finished. It was really a hard work; we are all so proud of this team and happy that they have accomplished what they were assigned to do. The team was led by TM and assisted by Mat Ali, Gijoe, PokChik,Jasman, Zaidi and Nik Azhar and a group of skilled carpenters including the local hands as well. If the house is livable but damage the team will repair whatever is needed; like the damaged floor, missing walls or broken windows. Some need a more extensive repair but the team would never turn the request away and repair the damage as required. Some houses , however, are non-livable or incurred a total loss (the word seems to be the buzz word in the area of disaster lately) so new ones need to be built; in this case , the team would build a temporary shelter for the family to allow them have a good permanent home from the government later. But the temporary shelter as built by this team is good and comfortable enough to live in. This team worked their tails off way into the night to complete the task and continued the next day right into the afternoon. The tireless effort and selfless attitude of the repair team remain to be the pivotal spirit for this mission to call a success. The reputation of the repair team had spread to the nearby villages as they urged them to go to their places and assess the damage as well. Although it is out of our targeted area, the team could turn them away flatly but instead entertained the request as much as they could. The extent of the damage was unbelievable and the help to recover trickled in very slowly.
All the building materials were shipped in the day before

making sure everything is there for the job tomorrow

sorting the roof for the shelter

getting the stuff to the work area

OK guys where do we start ?!

hmmm....Nik looking a bit kekkok

guys...can let go the puff butt for while now and offload the stuff ...

 For one the place is very remote (accessible only by the river) and secondly due to the major disaster help to the place like this might be a bit slow. We are proud to be there where no one else dares to go. Good job guys !
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