Thursday, August 28, 2008

Permatang Pauh By-election Quotes

Che Det said :

“ …Anwar and PKR did not win the by-election but instead BN lost the by-election….”


“…kemenangan Anwar tidak akan memberi kesan yang besar kepada pengundi di tempat lain ….”

TG Nik Aziz :

“…orang UMNO bukan saja tak ada air muka tapi tak ada kulit muka…..” referring to the smear campaign against DSAI using the sodomy issue during the by-election.

DS Anwar :

“ kalau bukan minggu ni, minggu depan…kalau bukan bulan ni bulan depan…kalau bukan tahun ni tahun depan…lawan tetap lawan …” a promise that keeps everyone on their toes.

TS Muhyidin Yassin:

….trend yang perlu kepada UMNO melihat semula agenda perjuangan …”

KJ :

“…..kita akan kuburkan politik Anwar di Permatang Pauh…”

Khoo (political analyst) :

“….the national coalition has to learn from its mistakes. I don’t know which one they will pick. There are so many of them….”

Ooi (SE Asia Study, Singapore) :

“……I think they don’t have the number yet that’s why the issue keeps popping up but those from Sabah said to be interested…” on MPs jumping ships.

Pandikar Amin :

“….I hope he(Anwar) can control the Opposition to behave in the Parliament …”

Prof Shamsul :
“…kita berhak tahu hal dia(Anwar), kerana dia akan jadi perdana menteri kita …”

Sabaruddin Chik:

“…tak ada kesan apa, kerusi pembangkang tetap sama cuma tukar orang saja…”

you guys put the pieces together, I have started to get a pounding headache. My family and I will be off to Kucing tomorrow for some a new dawn of Malaysian politics unfolded in the Parliament. We will be watching.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Memberi dan Menerima

Semalam saya berada di Bilik Rehat FTMSK berborak dengan kekawan lama dan sempatlah kutip sebanyak RM155 untuk Program Bubur Lambuk FTMSK sempena bulan puasa nanti. Saya menerima kutipan tersebut dengan begitu terharu kerana mereka menderma dengan ikhlas langsung saya merasa begitu terbeban dengan tanggungjawab yang diamanahkan. Saya menerima sumbangan tersebut dengan penuh syukur kerana ada insan2 yang menyahut seruan saya.

Saya pulang ke rumah dan sambil berehat saya dikejutkan dengan panggilan salam dari pintu pagar. Sah pakcik ni dari Afghanistan. Saya menjawab salam dan bersapa dengan beliau. Apalagi minta sumbangan untukanak yatim Afghan. Hati saya berbelah bagi dengan seribu pertanyaan. Adakah duit aku nanti akan sampai ke pangkuan anak2 yatim itu yang beribu-ribu kilomater jauhnya ? Teringat juga pesan ustaz semasa kuliah Maghrib yang saban hari saya hadiri mengingatkan akan adab bersedeqah---tak usah difikir2 panjang bagi saja mengikut kemampuan dan berserah pada Allah taala. Saya mengambil sedikit wang dalam kereta dan bagi pada pakcik tadi. Tidak banyak tetapi cukup untuk memberi saya satu perasaan yang lega dan aman kerana dapat bersedeqah.

Apa yang saya nak sampaikan disini adalah saya telah pun berada dalam dua keadaan yang berbeza : satu menerima sedeqah dan satu lagi yang memberi sedeqah. Dan saya rasa keadaan saya semasa memberi sedeqah jauh lebih secure walaupun sedikit berbanding keadaan yang menerima sedeqah walaupun 15kali ganda banyaknya. Teringat saya kepada hadis Rasulullah yang mengatakan tangan yang memberi itu lebih mulia daripada tangan yang menerima. Memang betul.

Jadi ambillah kesempatan yang ada untuk memberi kepada yang kurang kemampuan. Tambahan dalam keadaan yang masyarakat kita yang serba dhaif sekarang ini. Kenaikan harga barang yang semakin hari semakin membebankan. Saya rasa staf FTMSK ni masih lagi mampu mengukir senyuman; duit sentiasa ada dalam kocek untuk anak2 pergi ke sekolah. Adakah jiran2 kita, saudara2 kita atau kenalan kita mampu berbuat yang sama ? tanyalah hati kecil kita dan buatlah perkiraan yang sewajarnya.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

MAHA 2008

Visited the MAHA show today. I don't know about you but I feel like going to the pasar malam near my house. Except for that big-dick horse and macho jamnapari goats other stuff like krepek this and that, juice from strange fruits are all the familiar items from a standard pasar malam. Well maybe I went on a wrong day; even being told to get off the bus because the driver wanted to have lunch. What was that? the environment was all wrong. No easy-fun-fair feelings that make you feel worth the trip for your family. Had to queue up for a tram ride.....a very long queue. Where have all the trams gone? I saw them parked by the lake...4-5 of them. And you made the visitors sweated like shit waiting and fighting to get on the few trams that came around. I an tired of this. really tired.

Happy 1st Anniversary

Exactly one year ago I was elected as the President of Persatuan Alumni SMS Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra, Kota Bharu Kelantan. It has been a long one year odyssey to the horizon that seems has no end. Like a long dive down to the abyss. Nothing got settled in SEMESTA where everyone has his own agenda. They want to do their own stuff, by their own people, play their own games and of course celebrate among themsleves. Sometimes they do come and show off. And that would get me thinking of the whole purpose myself being the president. Maybe it's a joke. Well could be and someone has been laughing all along that this stupid guy has fallen to their tunes all this time.
I took up the presidency because I wanted to do something to my alma mater. I truly believe that it's time to give back to my old school, to the younger generations, to the community and my whole friends. I have got a comfortable life for my family and I and now it's time to let someone else get the share. I want to give back. Unfortunately with the position comes a lot more than that, things that I am not prepared to deal with. well they are a lot I don't even know where to start. the picture looks like a dark monsoon cloud waiting to pour misery upon whomever beneath it. Today i realised that I have to get out from this place. I have been here too long waiting for things to happen; it never did. Not without you getting down and dirty yourself, losing time, money and energy for nothing.......not you the president himself! that's it I want to put a stop to this misery. Today.

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Liwat Case : Saiful did the Mubahalah

I read in disbelief today as Saiful Bahrin Mohd Azlan did the mubahalah shortly after the 'Asr prayers at Masjid Wilayah. He seemed to be going all out to prove that his ass being dicked by Datuk Sri Anwar Ibrahim. Who is in the world to let people know the thing being done to him if he really telling the truth. I have started to have doubts for this guy having some kind of conspiracy to bring DSAI down and out of the Malaysian politics. If I were in Saiful's shoes , i would do the same thing and somehow I could feel the feelings of restlessness so as long as the matter does not resolve. Pity him. His voice and call for help seem to disappear into the thin air and his cry dwarfs by the gigantic egocentricism of DSAI and his friends of high places. The whole saga of this passion crime has put my own conscience into disarray. We have a high profile politician at one side and a coffee boy at another; who would you put your money on ? The world has come to a twisted dwindle doo of modern ills where old set of moral rules have not really helpful. But again it's not really new because the same crime has been commited by many long time ago as stated in the holy Quran. But the Saiful -Anwar case is still haunting me as we are going into the Permatang Pauh by-election. What if Anwar won the seat? Would he be able to walk into the parliament and take command? What if Saiful had been telling the truth ? We would end up having someone talking shit as a PM by the day and licking dicks at night. eeeeuuuuggghhhh so gross! But again if he came out of the closet that would be a different story.

The lying and the double-talking shit are really putting me off. If you had really enjoyed the sex with the boy, just say it laa. It's just getting too much for the poor Saiful. Not only him, me, my neighbors and the whole damn nation.And Saiful has done his part of the mubahalah; now it's his turn. It's like a great painting of van Gogh with a spot of tahi cicak on it; spoils the whole picture.

BTW, who is the Top ? who is the Bottom? Enquiring mind wants to know......
(pic from

Lagu SEMESTA : Kembali Berbakti

Today I have sent out through email the lyrics for Semesta's official song to one of my friends who is a musician. I am not sure how much of the words or phrases could be used for the song but I am hoping for the best. He should know which part to put in and which part to be left out. I will put down the lyrics later....once the composition is finished. Wait aa!

This is the first draft of the lyrics:
chorus :

Suatu ketika dahulu

Kita sama-sama belajar

Kita sama-sama bermain

Kita sama-sama bergurau dan berseloka

berduka dan bercinta ....bermimpi untuk berjaya

Pada saat dan ketika
Kita berpisah buat sementara
Bermusafir berkelana
Cari ilmu dan erti kehidupan
Kita bersua dengan kesepian
Pada teman yang sama bermain
Pada guru yang tunjuk ajar
Pada kekasih yang merindu

**ulang chorus

Kini kita telah kembali
Membina kehidupan
Memenuhi cita-cita
Berbakti untuk bangsa dan negara

Marilah kita sama-sama
Mengajar anak bangsa
Perkuatkan iman dan taqwa
Perkasakan ilmu di dada
Pertahankan maruah bangsa

Marilah kita sama-sama
kembali berbakti
Pada teman yang dikasihi
Agar terus berkenalan
Mengharung arus kehidupan
Dalam menunggu hari penantian

Marilah kita sama-sama
kembali berbakti
Pada sekolah yang tercinta
Agar maju dan berjaya
Menjadi sekolah terbilang

**ulang chorus

Marilah kita sama-sama
kembali berbakti
pada agama, bangsa dan negara
agar hidup diberkati...harmoni ... di Malaysia bumi tercinta

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The MACFEA Conference 2008

Spending time at the MACFEA Conference in Uniten. Datuk Shahrir was there talking nonsense about the changing life of his buddies in Kelantan they have to eat beras hancur 15%; before they would not look at this beras because most Kelantanese would go for the better beras siam. Not better la datuk ...cheaper. Everyone is going for the cheaper things nowadays, remember...everything has gone up what!. he went on telling how the government hasto make such and such move based on facts and not emotions as certain people are doing or claiming can be done ...hmmmm wonder who that might be. Interesting stuff but time has always been the problem. In any conference people always do not know how to manage the time properly and as a result things could not discussed thoroughly. Some talked too long or arrived too late or waiting for something to get here..and the whole schedule goes haywire. The presentations or parallel sessions are always going to be the victim...being squeezed around to make time for lunch. aaaah lunch! the favorite part of the conference, a must-go session and not to be missed for whatever reasons. Book your table early and go and get every single bit of the food available. All the curries on top of bariani rice, roasted chicken and mash potatoes, the bubur, the soup and assorted sweets. make sure do not miss know we paid for this. sounds familiar huh! yeaah it happened to me too but I am over it now. When I see people doing that I just smile and give a big sigh......bad habits never die. It still bad even if everyone is doing it. You could not stuff it down your tummy anyway so why the need to take it. You see by the time you finished that rice everything else will be as ugly as the cow's dung. Believe me you won't be able to eat them's just the urge, the self-centeredness and the stupidity within us all. Next time just take what you want to eat and enjoy it with the company you have at the table. You won't miss a thing other than getting a new friend.(pix : my wife Salwana made her debut research presentation at the conference Bravo!).

Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Una!

Alhamd Una or Nabiela Husna is 13 today. may ALlah give you all the strength in Iman and Taqwa to live your promising life ahead. Abah and Umi will stand by for whatever decisions you make. Do make rasional decisions; it would be easier for us to deal with. Don't forget your prayers and doa as we might not be able to help you in certain circumstances. But you are a great daughter; brilliant and "boleh diharap"---we love you with all our hearts. Happy Birtday Una !

UiTM For All : Ultimately it will come to this ... SOB!

Tan Sri Khalid The MB of Selangor iterated the needs for UiTM to open its door to all Malaysians not just the Malays/Bumis. Before I go any further I would like to ask Khalid to take his words and shove it up his you know what. What is he thinking ? Does he really know what he is saying? Maybe since taking the MB chair he is now the robinhood of the other Malaysians. Trying to rob the Malays from their “benteng terakhir “ and give it to others. I guess the pressure within Pakatan is heating up and all sorts of our so called “social contracts” have started to burn.
UiTM is protected under Perlembagaan to serve the poorly educated Bumis; and it should remain so for as long as the Malays/Bumis are lagging behind in education. Indeed, we are still behind and there are young Malay school leavers who could not get into UiTM because of no place anywhere in Malaysia. The need to educate the Malays is still vital and remains the pivotal role of UiTM.
Maybe Khalid should explain more why he has started to betray the Malays when we put all our trust on him and his party to champion the Malays in Selangor . Has he forgotten his own roots? Maybe Khalid and Dr Halimah should start looking after their own backyard with Unisel and Inpens struggling to meet the ends.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Meeting my teachers

I have not got many chances to meet my teachers from the old secondary school in Kelantan. They seem to be vanished into the oblivion with no trace of active public life. Maybe busy at home with cucu2, I don’t really know. Maybe I am bit pessimistic into getting to know their whereabouts or just busy doing something not as noble as meeting your own teachers. Looking back to my schooldays I really have nothing to cheer about. I had never have fantastic or memorable moments with my teachers. Teachers would like if their students had won medals for the school… I had never won anything. Teachers would praise you if you had good grades…..I was always at the bottom half in the class. Teachers would remember if you had talents in sports….I could hardly kick a ball or do that stupid triple jump. Teachers would not forget if your name always surfaced in the meeting for being naughty…..I was an angel or rather an ass for so afraid of breaking the rules. You see I was perfect to blend in the school population and gone unnoticed. So I have no recollection for having a meaningful relationship other than the ones in the classroom. What I am trying to say is that I did not learn anything from my teachers. I really feel that way. Is it so cruel to say that ? My humble apologies. But that is the truth. I learnt from buddies a lot and some academic stuff from my own readings. Even the stuff in the class had gone over my head. I just could not grab it hard enough to get me pass the SRP or SPM examinations. I might sound unthankful but just could not help it.

The most painful thing is to remember how your teachers would tell you over and over again that you are a loser….giving you that sorry look that makes you wonder why you were born in the first place. I don’t know how to praise people because I had never heard such phrases when I grew up. But because I know the values of such simple gestures such “ good job!” or “well done” or “there you go, I know you can do it” to a child, I have tried all the time to say to my students or even more so to my kids . It costs nothing but will give tremendous impact to the development of a child. I still long for one.

It has been almost 26 years since I left my school in Pengkalan Chepa, Kleantan. I can be more apologetic now and let the past being the past. Meeting my teachers (they are always my teachers till the end of my life…that’s why I don’t call them ex-teachers) last week has brought back old memories. Whatever they had done to me, whether good or bad, have made me what I am today. And I just could not thank them enough. They have become part of my history, part of my life. They were part of the reasons for me to live and went on living. It’s like a pack of food that your mother stashed in your bag whenever you were going somewhere; she knows somewhere along the journey you might need it.Boy! do I need it? Then will you realize the reasons for the whole thing that has happened to you.

I am thankful for being able to hug and say salaam to my teachers the other day. I don’t know whether I would ever get other chances to do so. Terima kasih, cikgu! yellow shirt is Cikgu Abu Bakar, taught me Geography.

....Cikgu Ahmad Ibrahim, taught me Bahasa.

...Puan Adawiyah, SRT but many times she sat in for Kesihatan.

....left is Cikgu Faridah taught me Bahasa during my lower form; here seen with my wife Salwana(her favorite teacher as well)

Cikgu Mat Noor (dark shirt) our sport teacher (aarrrghhhh! I hate sports!). But he is such wonderful now.

Cikgu Ashaari taught us Bahasa in lower form. Wonderful teacher.

Friday, August 8, 2008


I have to make an entry today; such a unique date (08-08-08). Olympics will start in a few hours, it would be great to see how the chinese show off their taste of granduer and extravaganza. Back home we have our own olympics or rather appropriately called "political circus" that no one seems to win.

The DSAI case of sodomy is coming to a climax (not that orgasmic climax, but know what I mean). At one end he is stuck with the legal wrap-around and the less-anticipated by-election at the other. So we would be seeing a lot of him in the next couple of months or so. I would go for the Olympics as all this political bru-ha-ha has made me feeling nausea already. The question is when is it gonna end? the people are getting squeezed with sky-rocketing food and oil prices and all we have heard is whether the fler's ass being rammed or not. The nation has come to a new state of minds after 50 years of independence---the sorry state.

My heart goes to fellow blogger --Penarik Beca, being scooped to the lock up,for speaking his mind. And you call this a free country, free my ass. Hello people...the sh-shhhh culture has long gone la. That was before now is a new era----being truthful to ourself and those around us. We say what we feel and no one has the right to stop that. But the problem is some people feel that the country is theirs and can do whatever they feel like because everyone else is a no-good-moron. I am sick to the stomach for such an attitude and more so coming from an institution that supposedly to guard the well-being of the people. may ALlah give strength and patient to Penarik Beca and his family to go through this ordeal.